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How Drone Photography Elevates Real Estate Marketing

Updated: 2 days ago

Photos drive the sale of a property no matter its type. Homes, office spaces, warehouses, and more all require photos to show the interior, exterior, and features to potential buyers. In turn, the buyer bases their decision to investigate further based on what they see in the pictures. Adding drone photography images to your listings provides the viewer with more visual information, something that helps them determine if the property suits their needs and then contact you for a viewing.

Drone photography increases interest in the property, helps it sell more quickly, and makes the selling process easier. Aerial photographs and videos document the property in ways that taking pictures from the ground can't.

Working with a real estate photographer in Philadelphia is affordable, and you don't wait long to get the results of your drone photoshoot. The images captured by the drone complement traditional photography, add a fresh perspective, and improve the chances that the property sells quickly. 

Aerial Photography Helps Present a Home in a Better Light

It's difficult to get quality shots of a building's exterior from the ground. Your position on the ground puts the lens at an angle that can be unflattering to the property, something that can turn off a potential buyer. Utilizing drone photos for real estate in Philadelphia eliminates the issue. Drones can fly level with the building and capture head-on imagery that shows off the home at its best.

How Drone Photography Helps to Create a 3D Feel of the Property

Photography and videos are a 2D format in that they present a flat image of the property. They're vital to generating interest and sales in your listings. Adding drone photography and videos to your listing helps create a realistic feeling of the building and its spaces. For example, flying a drone over a home and getting an aerial view lets the viewer get a sense of the proportion and distance of the building and its features. In turn, the viewer can get a true sense of the size of a patio, pool, or BBQ pit in relation to the home, and get a stronger feel of what it's like to live there.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Real Estate Drone Photographer

Smartphone cameras and DSLRs have limitations in terms of the type of images they capture. Some of this is due to the camera format, but some of this is due to the physical limitations of the user. Hiring a real estate drone photographer offers advantages that include:

  • Extensive experience in operating a drone.

  • Understanding of what a buyer is looking for 

  • Capturing images that have a sharp focus.

  • Images are more comprehensive than those taken with a smartphone.

Increase Interest in Your Property Listings With Drone Photography

At Stylish Homes Philly, we offer traditional real estate photography services along with drone photography and videos. We use the latest tools and employ techniques that are proven to show your property in the best light possible. Our services include post-production work such as professional image editing. Contact us today to learn more about our services and packages, and our commitment to making your properties look their best.

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