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  • Joe Giuliani

How a Homeowner Should Prepare for a Photo Shoot

It doesn’t matter if you hire the world’s greatest real estate photographer for your listing; if the living room is strewn with children’s toys, and the kitchen is cluttered with leftover breakfast dishes, you will not be happy with the resulting photos. And they definitely will not entice potential buyers to schedule a showing, which is the whole point of hiring a professional real estate photographer.

So, Stylish Homes Philly Real Estate Photography provides the following to-do list for homeowners in the days before the scheduled shoot:

- Declutter as much as possible (this is the most important) - We want to see furniture only. This includes clearing off table tops and countertops.

- Turn on all lights and lamps

- Replace burned out light bulbs

- Put away pet related items

- Put away cleaning related items

- Remove small rugs and mats from kitchen, bathrooms and entrances

- Remove all toilet paper rolls and towels from bathrooms. Bare towel racks often look better.

- Turn off ceiling fans, TVs, fireplaces

- Open all blinds and curtains fully

- Close all windows

- Keep vehicles away from in front of home and off the driveway if possible

If the homeowner does everything on this list (or at least does most of them) your resulting photos will be well worth the money.

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